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Veteran Administration Nursing Home Reform

Veteran Administration Nursing Home Reform Veterans Groups Call for VA Nursing Home Reform Six national veterans groups- including the American Legion- have called for the federal government to reform the standards of care residents receive at all Veterans Administration (VA) nursing home facilities. A detailed article on their concerns is available here.The six national veterans groups- representing nearly 5 million veterans- say Americans who risked their lives for their country endure conditions they call nothing short of horrifying.Their demands to improve care at all VA nursing home facilities came after a recent report detailing substandard care and a blatant disregard for safety at a facility in Brockton, Massachusetts.The ClaimsA former nurse at the facility alleges nurses and aides did not empty urinals, failed to provide water, did not regularly check on residents and slept on the job.In addition to the American Legion, other notable groups calling for reform include AmVets, Disabled American Veterans, Paralyzed Veterans of America, Veterans of Foreign Wars and t he Vietnam Veterans of America. Collectively, they are known as the â€Å"big six† for their political influence in Washington.The RatingsIn September, President Trump signed legislation requiring the VA to publish quality ratings, which are based on the VA’s internal rating system. The investigation by the Boston Globe and USA Today revealed care received at many VA nursing homes is significantly worse than private facilities.In fact, the agency’s own rating system gave 93 facilities two out of five stars for quality. Unfortunately, this data demonstrates that the majority of the 133 nursing homes that the VA operates are severely lacking proper care for their nearly 46,000 residents.Data released by the VA shows 95 of these facilities scored below private nursing homes in most quality indicators, including infection rates, bed sores and pain levels.The VA has yet to release the results of their own internal inspections. Such reports typically include instances of neglect or poor conditions encountered inside a nursing home facility.We Can HelpIf you are disabled and unable to work, call Disability Attorneys of Michigan for a free confidential consultation. We’ll let you know if we can help you get a monthly check and help you determine if any money or assets you receive could impact your eligibility for disability benefits.Disability Attorneys of Michigan works hard every day helping the disabled of Michigan seek the Social Security Disability and Veterans Disability benefits they need. If you are unable to work due to a physical, mental, or cognitive impairment; call Disability Attorneys of Michigan now for a free consultation at 800-949- 2900.Let Michigan’s experienced disability law firm help you get the benefits you deserve.Disability Attorneys of Michigan, Compassionate Excellence. Michigan Veteran Disability Lawyers, Michigan Veterans Benefits, Michigan Veterans Disability Attorneys, Veteran Nursing Home Reform

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Rheumatoid Arthritis Exercises Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Rheumatoid Arthritis Exercises - Essay Example The onset of the disease is most frequent in fourth and fifth decades of life (Luqmani et al., 2006). The aetiology of the disease is not specifically known and has been suggested to be multifactorial. The class II major histocompatibility complex allele HLA-DR4 and related alleles are known to be major genetic risk factors for RA. It has been suggested that RA might be a manifestation of the response to an infectious agent in a genetically susceptible host. Activation of autoimmune mechanisms is the key aetiologic event in sustaining the chronic inflammatory process so characteristic of RA (Scott et al., 2000). The main event in pathophysiology is inflammatory synovitis. Subsequently through a cascade of multiple immune events through mediation of a host of immune cells, the synovial fibroblasts are activated. Added to cartilage degradation, osteoclasts are activated that leads to erosion of bone. The chemokines and cytokines lead to synovitis, cartilage and bone damage, and systemic manifestations of RA (Luqmani et al., 2009). Altman (2008) notes that these immunologic abnormalities arise from various immune complexes, which originate from the inflamed synovial cells that serve as a target for such immune injuries. The plasma cells that are recruited produce antibodies known as rheumatoid factors. These actively contribute to these complexes which ultimately lead to joint destruction. With further inflammation chemotaxis ensues leading to recruitment of macrophage cells with associate vasculitis. Primarily CD4+ lymphocytes infiltrate the synovial cells. These together produce inflammatory cytokines and chemokines, namely tumor necrosis factors, granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factors, interleukins, and gamma-interferon. These are known inflammatory mediators leading to further joint inflammation and systemic manifestations of the disease. When the disease is chronic, the synovial membrane is very much thickened and is projected into the joint cavity. The synovium is the seat of inflammation, which produce collagenase and stromelysin leading to further degeneration of joint cartilage. Interluekin-1 and tumor necrosis factor-alpha contribute to this process and stimulate osteoclasts, thus leading to bone erosion. Prostaglandins are released. With the maintenance of inflammation, fibrous tissue is deposited within the joint. The synovial tissue appears very much proliferates and highly vascular, leading to pannus which further potentiates release of inflammatory chemokines leading to all round erosion of the joint structures such as cartilage, bone, articular capsule, and the periarticular ligaments. Most of the inflammatory cells are neutrophils. In some patients rheumatoid nodules develop (Altman 2008). Clinical Features Clinically RA presents as chronic polyarthritis of symmetrical synovial joints of hands, wrists, knees, and feet with an insidious onset of fatigue, generalised weakness, and vague musculoskeletal symptoms for weeks or months. Pain, tenderness, and swelling in the affected joints get aggravated with movement. Generalised stiffness of joints noted in the mornings for about duration of greater than 1 hour is invariable. Swelling and tenderness in the joints lead to motion limitation and hence impairment of physical function. These lead to fibrous or bony ankylosis of the joint leading to fixed deformities (Scott et al., 2000).

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Spacial topic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Spacial topic - Essay Example 2. Operational decision makers- After creation of the business strategy, the objectives for the operation business process are established. 3. Reporting, controlling and analytical processes- The necessary information and data for the desired changes in operational managers’ behavior are identified and specified by the business analysts. 4. ELT developers and data base specialists- The data from data warehouses is gathered by the database specialist or the ETL (extract, transformation, and load) developer who make it assessable and usable to the front-end application of the business. 5. IT Professionals- In this layer, infrastructure run and develop the primary data is developed by generating sources or creating new data by the IT professionals. (Laursen & Thorlund, 2010) Chapter 2 Question1. Explain the process of business analytics at strategic level. Answer. The process of business analytics at strategic level could be explained by integration between the BA function and th e company’s strategy. There are four different scenarios showing the degree of integration between business strategy and strategy: 1. Where no formal link exists between strategy and BA, the BA function is used on an ad hoc basis. 2. When the link between BA and strategy is coordinated, the BA function is purely reactive and there is no feedback procedure from BA to strategy. 3. When there is a formal feedback procedure from BA to strategy and strategy innovation is supported by BA. 4. Where the information is used as a strategic resource. It enables the information to be used to determine the strategy. (Laursen & Thorlund, 2010) Chapter 3 Question1. Explain the process of establishing a new business processes with the Rockart model? Answer. The process of establishing a new business processes with the Rockart model consists of the following stages: 1. Objectives- The first step is the identification of the objectives, i.e. to identify the aim and purpose of the information t o be developed. 2. Operational Strategy- The operational strategy to fulfill the objective is identified and implemented. 3. Critical Success Factors- A large number of activities are initiated by implementation of a strategy. Some of these activities are more critical than others. All such critical success factors should be identified. 4. Lead and Lag Information- The information at functional level can be broadly classified as: Lag information- The information which we choose to register on an ongoing basis is the lag information. Lead information- Lead information is created on the basis of lag information. It helps in monitoring and improving the existing or initiating processes. (Laursen & Thorlund, 2010) Chapter 4 Question1. What are the required competencies of a business analyst? Answer. A business analyst is a provider of methodology. A business analyst must meet the following requirements: 1. Business competencies- A business analyst must have the business competencies and should understand the business process properly. He or she must have the business insight. 2. Tool Kit must be in order- A business analyst should be able to deliver multiple information in same data and should be able to visualize the information as the user. 3. Technical understanding- The business analyst should have the technical understanding of the information which could be used in collection and presentation of data. (Laursen & Thorl

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Out sourcing man power strategy Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Out sourcing man power strategy - Research Paper Example Finally, I give high regards to my parents who assisted me financially and in advisory terms. This inquiry is directed at analyzing the current state of the HR outsourcing market in Borouge and the trends that are dominant in the same. Today, in this epoch of globalization, there is a high level of competition in all arenas (Anikin & IL, 2009). One really significant trend in the recent times has been the maturation of human resource outsourcing. The dynamic nature of the market and global competitive pressures in the organizations are inducing the organizations to concentrate on their burden clientele (Baca, 2009). Many organizations are rapidly identifying that they cannot provide everything to all consumers. For that reason, many companies are opting to outsource some of their HR for specific purposes in the organization (Coase, 2005, pp. 2-3). Where they let somebody else manage the rest in a more effective and cost-effective fashion. As a consequence, human resources outsourcing is becoming more and more dominant. The number of organizations outsourcing HR roles are con tinuously growing, and the scope of outsourced HR activities continues to inflate (Allen, et al., 2003, pp. 1-2). Outsourcing has become a normal response in the management and technology resources that encourages strategic measure in enhancing quality services and reduction of cost of running businesses effectively (Baca, 2009). Companies where organizations outsource their HR function hires professionals who have the knowledge and resources expected for the specifically fulfil the client’s needs partially or wholly of a clients’ human resources role, leaving the customer to streamline their internal operations and focus on getting profit in their burden clientele (Coase, 2005). With the increased globalization, outsourcing has become a crucial aspect in efficient administration of a business.

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Human Resource Management :: essays research papers

Human Resource Management Aims This course aims at familiarizing students with the wider context of Human Resource Management (HRM) and at providing them with the opportunity to engage with current problems and issues. The subjects covered throughout the lectures will introduce students to the current way of managing employees in modern organizations. More specifically, after the completion of the course, the participants will be able to: Explain the changing nature of the HR function in the modern organizational that shifts away from traditional functional and hierarchical management structures toward process-based forms. Evaluate the role of HRM in supporting organizational strategy in the contemporary environment. Assess HRM practices and current trends. Understand their role as future managers in developing and implementing HR practices. Course Outline Session 1: The Role of HRM Define the term HRM Describe the strategic importance of HRM activities performed in organizations Understand the importance of strategic alignment (fit) Discuss the role that specialists and line managers play in performing HRM activities Explore the variety of external customers for HRM Session 2: Resourcing Discuss the importance HR planning Describe how managers forecast demand for and analyze supply of human resources Discuss how to develop an effective recruiting program List what selection criteria are available and how they can be used to make selection more effective Preparatory Reading: Participants are required to familiarize themselves with the articles and prepare the case study of Chapter 5, in order to improve their understanding and participate in the discussion more effectively. Session 3: Performance Management Define the terms performance management and performance evaluation Compare the advantages of various performance evaluation techniques Define compensation and differentiate among direct financial compensation, indirect financial compensation, and non-financial rewards Examine the implications of teamwork to compensation systems Consider the factors relating to a firm’s compensation policy Preparatory Reading: Participants are required to familiarize themselves with the articles and prepare the case study of Chapter 4, in order to improve their understanding and participate in the discussion more effectively. Session 4: Psychological contract Define the terms psychological contract, employability and career management Understand the new contract and its effects on the employment relationship Examine ways to manage job insecurity Explore flexibility issues Discuss the implications for the individual’s career Preparatory Reading: Participants are required to familiarize themselves with the articles and prepare the case study of Chapter 9, in order to improve their understanding and participate in the discussion more effectively. Session 5: International HRM Explain the role of national culture in IHRM Consider the complexity of the international environment

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“Harrison Bergeron” Versus “2081” Essay

There are many similarities between Kurt Vonnegut’s short story â€Å"Harrison Bergeron† and Chandler Tuttle’s short film adaptation â€Å"2081†. Obviously the same basic idea and theme are prevalent throughout both the stories. They are both set in the future where everyone is made equal by being forced to wear handicaps where they might show strength. Both of the stories involve the same characters in the same settings under mostly the same circumstances. The short film adaptation may vary a little bit in some of the details but for the most part both of the stories are exactly the same. In the beginning of â€Å"2081† the narration of the story is exactly the same as the beginning of Harrison Bergeron. Chandler Tuttle took it word for word straight from the short story. There are many differences between â€Å"Harrison Bergeron† and â€Å"2081† but they are mostly small details and do not change the story much. The first difference that I noticed when I watched â€Å"2081† was that instead of wearing bags filled with lead balls around their necks, the characters wore futuristic computer devices with a flashing display on them. The next subtle detail that I noticed was when George, one of the main characters, heard a loud noise coming through his earpiece in the beginning, it was Hazel who had suggested that it had sounded like a milk bottle being stuck by a ball peen hammer instead of George. One of the bigger differences between the two stories is the conversation between George and Hazel in the beginning of the story. In â€Å"Harrison Bergeron† when Hazel suggests to George that he rest his handicap weights on the pillows for a while, George responds by saying that he doesn’t mind them because he has worn them f or so long that he’s become accustomed to them. He then proceeds to explain to Hazel that if he tried to get away with it then other people would try to get away with it as well, and that would lead to everyone being against each other again and eventually to the dark ages. Hazel resounds that she would hate it if that were the case. However in the short film â€Å"2081† when Hazel suggests that George rest his weights for a while, George responds only implying that he himself would not be equal to Hazel to which she responds she would hate that. Also in the short story Harrison is arrested at age fourteen and escapes at age fourteen but in the short film the story takes place six  years after Harrison was arrested. The final main difference between â€Å"Harrison Bergeron† and â€Å"2081† is the â€Å"bomb†. In the short film adaptation when Harrison escapes from jail and bursts into the ballet he claims that he has a bomb stored under the theater and the detonator in hand. When the H-G men cut off the broadcast to the incident, Harrison presses the detonator button, revealing to the audience that the bomb was in fact a device that sent out the television broadcast once again. In the short story there is never any mention of any such device. There are many differences and many similarities between the short story â€Å"Harrison Bergeron† and the short film â€Å"2081†. However, throughout both stories the same theme remains prevalent throughout the entire stories conveying to the audience the same message, showing the beauty and necessity of diversity.

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Opium Trade in China Essay - 2566 Words

Opium and Trade Opium as a topic of discussion can lead to many arguments either for or against the introduction of the drug into the Chinese society. Initially, these opinions began to circulate upon its initial presentation to the people of China in the late eighteenth century and late nineteenth century when its popularity and reputation were rather miniscule and mysterious. On one side, arguments favored its legalization and actually praised its distributors because of the positive impact, albeit temporarily, for the people of China in a hallucinogenic manner and the importers from other countries, that it had overall. The other side of the spectrum aimed towards the complete ban of the drug and punishment for all users and†¦show more content†¦If the use of opium were permitted, then the impact would have been generally positive, in that, there would be fewer smugglers to worry about breaking the law, and more profit would actually have been given to the Chinese govern ment since they would be included in all financial affairs of this matter. On the other hand, basing this drug trade on purely moral and economic terms, the people of China would constantly be in a state of intoxication because they would no longer be able to think and process clearly without the influence of this drug inside of their system, further hampering their abilities and talents, while the economy of the Chinese government also would not be able to possess the buying power that they would have previously had when they uncontrolled smuggling occurred (Aurin 429). It was from this that led me to believe that during the prohibition of opium in China, although enacted in 1729 and then deemed legal in 1858, the welfare of the global economies increased in financial capability, especially in China, Britain, the United States, and India, throughout the entire nineteenth century, even though this was through illegal means. Considering both sides, I strongly believe that the reas on for the strength of the superpowers in worldly capitalism is due to the increased amount of smuggling, albeit illegal, of opiumShow MoreRelatedOpium Wars: The Trade Disputes over Opium between China and Britain 1804 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction â€Å"Opium entered China on the back of a camel, and ended up breaking the back of an entire nation† -Unknown This paper studies the trade disputes over opium between China and Britain and the two wars that resulted from these disputes in the 19th century. The focus of this paper will primarily be British actions in the years leading up to the Wars, the Wars themselves, and the aftermath of the Wars. The first war was fought between 1839 and 1842, while the second was fought fromRead MoreBritish And Chinese Trade Of Opium Into China Caused The Corruption And Eventual Downfall Of The Qing Dynasty1730 Words   |  7 Pagesand Chinese trade of opium into China caused the corruption and eventual downfall of the Qing dynasty. The main body of this investigation focuses on the corruption and failure of the Chinese government in controlling British incursions, which caused its citizens to rebel and thus began the downfall of the Qing Dynasty. The introductions of opium to China and the effects it had on China will be assessed in accordance to origin, value, purpose, and limitation. The British and Chinese trade in relationRead MoreThe First Opium War And Its Effects On China1407 Words   |  6 Pagesled to drastic changes in China itself. Many of these events have been internal struggles with China. Some events have been external, such as the First Opium War. The First Opium war, which lasted from 1839 to 1842, led to several economic and political changes in China. The Opium War is considered more that just a war, the results created a deep impact on China and the Western World. For hundreds of years, China had isolated themselves from the world and from foreign trade, but a single dispute overRead MoreCauses Of The Opium Wars1048 Words   |  5 PagesThe Opium Wars were a series of conflicts that eventually led to China’s decline through the trade and abuse of the drug opium. The first of the Opium Wars (1839-42) was fought between China and Britain, and the second war (1856-1860) involved France as well. In both wars, the foreign powers triumphed over China, cau sing havoc, causing the fall of the Qing dynasty. Prior to the Opium Wars, China was full of rich culture, remarkable goods, and useful inventions. They had invented gunpowder, kitesRead MoreThe Opium Wars Of The 19th Century1110 Words   |  5 PagesThe Opium Wars Imperial China was one of the greatest civilizations. It was leading in its inventions, trading routes, and craftsmanship. Beginning in 221 BC, it lasted up till the final Qing Dynasty. It’s downfall can be attributed to the introduction of the drug, opium, from the west. It’s introduction inspired two wars, namely The Opium wars of the 19th century. In the 18th century, the country was flourishing, while it had control of international trade. By the 19th century, China hadRead MoreEssay on Opium Wars in China852 Words   |  4 PagesOpium Wars in China The Opium Wars were a series of three wars between the Chinese and the British; primarily fought in regard to the illegal trade of opium in China during the 19th century. They manifested the conflicting natures of both nations and demonstrated China’s misconceptions of its own superiority. The Opium Wars resulted in the humiliating defeat of the Chinese to a country they considered to be â€Å"barbarians†. There were many problems with the system of trade in China; even beforeRead MoreTrade Imbalance Between China And China1674 Words   |  7 PagesChinese good and trade in tea was very lucrative. However, this created a trade imbalance because Western goods had no market in China. China was a self-sustaining country and that make it harder for Western merchant to trade with them. Apart from that, the merchants had a hard time getting into Chinese market and had to deal through Chinese middlemen in Canton. At this point, the British money had moved on from silver, but the Chinese were still using silver currency. In order to trade with the ChineseRead MoreDBQ: Opium in China Essay examples1745 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿ DBQ: Opium in China While most of the Western Hemisphere was undergoing drastic advancements, such as former colonies gaining their independence and transforming into more modernized nations, a lot of mishaps were occurring in the Eastern Hemisphere—China, specifically—a nation that was notorious for its isolation from foreign influences. European nations began to greedily eye China’s abundance of desirable resources, such as tea, porcelain, and silk. However, China had very little need orRead MoreEssay On Favorable Trade764 Words   |  4 PagesThe Battle for Favorable Trade In a matter of three years, ranging from 1839 to 1842, China and Britain go head to head in all out battle for the use of drugs, and a favorable balance of trade. This certain drug is called Opium. Opium has a very addictive ingredient in it that China was very observant about at their time. China was so observant that their emperor decided to expose the Western Countries, and China decided to ban all use of Opium in their country. Although a problem arose, BritainRead MoreThe Opium Problem Of China During The Nineteenth Century Essay955 Words   |  4 Pages The opium problem in China during the nineteenth century was primarily viewed as an issue created by foreign traders bringing opium into their empire. Zhu Zun and Xu Naiji wrote memoranda in 1863 elucidating their diverging view to the government on how to combat the issue of opium use and trade. Xu advocated for the relaxing of anti-opium laws as a means of reducing illegal smuggling, while Zhu contends that more stringent enf orcement of anti-opium laws is the preferable policy, which Commissioner